Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My first Order from ELF.COM!!

Hello everyone, so I've been gone a couple of days but now I'm back with a post about a recent purchase I made with ELF cosmetics. (Its my first purchase from them ever!) Here are the items that I choose to order:

100 Eyeshadow Palette $10

Brush Blush $3

Lipstick in Classy $1

Cream Eyeshadow in Dawn $3

Radiance Blush in Flushed in Glow $1 each

Shimmering Facial Whip in Golden Peach $3

Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze $1

Minty Lip gloss in Miami $3

Mineral Face Primer $6

Lipstick in Seductive $1

Sheer Eyeshadow Primer $3

And finally the Stipple Brush $3

They had a free shipping coupon code, only until May 2 so I used that. My total order came to $39.10. I just checked the status for my order and I'm estimating it will be here by Friday. So I really wanted the flat top brush they have, but its not in stock. I also wanted the Lipstick in runway pink and It was also not in stock. I can say that after checking reviews on YouTube, I am kind of mad that I order the eyeshadow palette, but hopefully I will like it more than others have. =/

I am excited for the Blush brush and the cream eyeshadow in Dawn. I was going to order the one in bronze but I didn't because I thought that I had something like it but I checked my makeup drawer last night and I discovered I must have given it away. Anyways, I will take pictures when I receive my order, and I will give my reviews on the products I end up loving and end up hating.


  1. Great haul! Can't wait to see your reviews on everything. I have the blush brush and I love it ;-)

  2. Really! I can't wait to get it, everyone says they like it.

  3. really like their shimmering whip!!

  4. i love elf's products! i think they are at such amazing prices, and the quality is not bad! i am interested to see how the face primer works for you because i really want to try that! :)