Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where Would I Go Wensdays...

Hey guys! Hope everyone is keeping cool in this 90+ degree weather (Jersey at least!) I have hardly been wearing any makeup, except for some bronzer, liner, and my Wet n Wild Lipsticks which I pat on my lips just to stain them and pair that with clear gloss. So I was trying to think of what kind of posts I would want to do, kind of on a weekly basis. I came up with Where Would I Go Wensdays... A bit corny but I love looking at different places and making mental notes for where I would go. So I am Dominican, and I just loveeee tropical places. I thought I would start out with a place in the Dominican Republic, so here it is.....

Pedernales, Republica Dominicana....

Bahia De Las Aguilas

Ughhh so this photo just takes my breath away, the beautiful color of the water, the sand.... I could just imagine it! So Bahia De Las Aguilas (Bay of the Eagles) is one of the most difficult beaches to get to. It is located basically in the middle of nowhere! You can there by boat or by 4x4 vehicle but it is a serious incline so if not experienced, better to take the boat! It will definitely be a long drive. I am always bugging the BF about wanting to take a week long road trip and just going somewhere we have both never been, this is definitely my top choice!. Everyone tells me it is worth the hassle getting there. It is actually part of a National Park so there is no development there. And you can actually go into the caves there and see carvings made by the Tainos that lived there years and years ago!

Since there is no development there, we would have to stay in Barahona but its not to far from this Paradise.... Here is a Map of the Dominican Republic. I am from the North West, San Fransisco De Macoris... Pedernales is allllll the way down, South East.

( F.Y.I. On the Bottom Right Corner I circled Higuey/Bavaro, which is where my Fiance lives!)

Okay guys, so I hope you liked my post. Let me know if you guys like these kind of posts??? There are soooo many places I want to go in the world. I think for the first couple of weeks I will show you guys places in the D.R. since I love being there so much! Take care, ADIOS!

(All images found on google images)

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