Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding!!

So, I was so excited to wake up today, since today was The Royal Wedding!! I recorded It and am watching It right now and Kate looks breathtakingly (is that how you spell it?? lol =]) beautiful!! I found out she did her own makeup and it looked great! My mom and I said last night that the dress would probably have some lace (which I love!) and most likely long sleeves (It was). I love the simplicity of the dress and makeup and hair. She is sooo lucky, a real life fairytale! (A normal girl becomes royalty!!).

1. I got teary eyed as she walked down the aisle.
2. I caught that moment Harry made a comment to William!! I wonder what he told him??
3. I missed that part where William tells Kate she looks beautiful.
4. I loved the part where they finally stood in front of everyone and had their first kiss as a married couple!! (soo sweet!!)
5. I love that you can really see the love between them! I loveeeed Princess Diana (my mom named me after her) and I think she would have been proud to see who he married today! I am sure her presence was there with them!!

(Used Google Images for Photo)

So I wish them the best of luck and happiness in their marriage. What did you guys think of the Royal Wedding, and Kate??

P.S. I received my Everyday Minerals base today!! Wow, that was fast!! I love that it has a lil plastic piece that you can move to allow you to pick up product with the brush and then move again to cover the holes so you wont have a messy jar. Oh, and It's .19oz/5.5g of product for $12.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review : Everyday Naturals Foundation

Hello everyone,

So I've been trying out the sample kit I had ordered from Everyday Minerals, and out of all the shades I tried, I ended up having Medium Tan as a match.

I've been using it for work and seeing how it held up. I have to say that I am in love with this product and just finished ordering a full size one for myself as well as my sister. (She is in the shade Tan). I like how lightweight it feels and how natural it looks.

The way I have been using it is, first I use Mac oil control lotion, and I apply that all over my face since my skin is super oily. Then I apply my Mark Get a Tint Tinted Moisterizer in Honey/Golden. (I concentrate on my Tzone). I really love this Tinted Moisterizer and I have been using it for about a year. The weather has finally gotten warmer here in Jersey so I really dont want anything heavy on my face.

Then I apply Everyday Minerals Foundation, Intensive Base in Medium Tan. It held up during my 9 hour workday. I had a bit of shine by the 6th hour or so but I applied abit more of the foundation on my Tzone and then I was fine. (I am actually looking for a new face primer, since I have always just used the Milk Of Magnesia but I want a primer that I wont be embarressed to whip out, lols.I have only tried one before, which was the Revlon primer and it broke me out completely. That might be the reason for the oilyness I had, so with a primer I think I will be fine.)

Now, I was surprised at how much product they actually gave me in the Sample. It is a tiny jar but its completely full and you dont need alot of product.

Okay now this is what it says on the website,

Intensive Base is oil absorbing, perfectly matte and ideal for heavier coverage in humid climates. Formulated for those with oily complexions who want the look of matte.
The Price is $12.00 for a full size and $2.50 for a sample size.

It is Perfectly Matte with extra coverage for Normal-Oily skin types.

Conclusion: I will continue to reccomend this to my other sisters, and anybody else that needs a foundation, especially now for the summer. I will also continue to purchase products from this site. I love how quickly I recieved my order the first time, (3 buisness days!) and the quality of the product itself is great.

I will post pictures when I recieve my order. ADIOS!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Everyday Naturals Mini Haul

Well, I hope everyone had a fun Easter weekend. I spent it with family and ate lots of chocolate bunnies, hehe. So last week I was checking out a blog,  Life and Happiness  and I saw she had ordered samples from the Everyday Minerals site of their foundation, and only paid the shipping. Now I've had gotten a sample of the bare minerals foundation before and honestly I couldn't even see that I had any makeup on. But seeing that the Everyday Minerals was not as expensive and after checking out reviews on youtube I decided to give it a shot....So I decided to get the Try Me Kit in Mocha.

Try Me Free, in Mocha. $5.00 but when you checkout it comes up as $0.00

And what I got was 5 mini samples of colors that are in the Mocha family I guess you could say. Now I decided to go for the set with the Darkest colors just because Summer is almost here and I do tan alot in the Summertime... So here they are,

So I havent tried these out yet, and I would like to try them out for a couple of days before I review them but I will say that there are two of these that are closer to my skin tone. I'm excited for these and I look forward to using them over the next few days. Let me know what you guys think of these??

So of course I checked out a couple of the other things on the site. I needed a cuticle cream and they do have a cuticle butter so I decided to purchase one,

Lemon Symphony No.1 The Romance Of The Cuticle $4.00  .37 oz

First of all, I love the packaging. It came in a small pouch that I will probably reuse to store small acsesories when I travel. (I'm a total use and reuse fanatic!) As for the product itself it smells lemony and it really does hydrate my cuticles. (I gave myself a manicure today!)

Next I got their lip scub and this one smells alot like mint, which I LOVE!! I havent used it yet but I will also do a review on this in the future after I use it abit. I also love how it came in another small colorful pouch!!

Sumptuous Lip Polish $6.00  .60 oz  (Regular price is $7.00)

I love the smell of this!! I cant wait to use it.

Finally the have a Promo going on for the week where you enter Show Me as your promo code when you check out and they will send you a travel size green eyeshadow for Earth Day. The eyeshadow is called Show Me, hence the promo code. You do have to make a purchase of over $3.00 to recieve the free eyeshadow. Here it is,

It has gold sparkles that are very pretty. I think this will be nice now in the summer maybe on top of a Matte Green shadow. Or alone for a nice wash of color.

So all in all I am looking forward to trying out more things from this company. Some brushes, since the prices for them are reasonable and a few of the blush because I love blush!!

Here is a picture of everything,

It came like this

Are there any other products I should try out from Everyday Minerals??

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shopping Day!

So it's been raining so much for the past couple days here in Jersey, and my sister, cousin and I were going crazy bored @ home lols so we headed over to the mall. I wanted to get some foundation samples because I wanted to try the pro longwear before I purchase it. Also Victorias Secret had sent me some gift cards so I wanted to use them before they expired. So one of the gift cards was for free undie and so I choose a purple one :

I love this color! Next I had a $10 off any purchase and so I decided to get something makeup related since its been a few weeks since I've purchased anything.

Sorry for the blurry pix, my camera is sadly giving its final breath. ( =[ ) So its an eyeshadow pallete and its small meaning it will be great for travel and will fit fine in my purse. They had two palettes, this one and a purple one and now that I got it home I wish I had gotten the purple one just because I feel like I have all these colors in my makeup collection which sucks because my sister said it when I picked it but I still got it. (Something about the bronzy colors that always gets me!! grrr) So I might just go back and get the purple one when I geta chance. This palette is $15 bucks and with my $10 off I paid $5 bucks which is a great deal!! I do like the colors and they are pigmented considering I have had bad luck with in the past with the victorias secret makeup. I am just annoyed that I liked the purple one but still choose this one lols. I like that its not bulky and I definitely see myself adding this to my travel makeup bag. I will play around with this sometime this week and when I get a chance I will post some pics up.

I went to Sephora and got a sample of the Nars sheerglow foundation, and also got a sample of the Pro Longwear at Mac. The guy at Mac was so nice and helpful. He matched me just by looking at me lol and I thought the foundation looked a bit orange but when applied it blends beautifully into my skin. He gave me a small sample of Oil Control Lotion when I told him about my oily skin problem. I had'nt gone to Mac in a while since the last time the other guy that helped me (I spent $300 bucks!) was so rude. He acted really annoyed and uninterested and didn't really talk to me. I didnt see him there this time and I was glad! I definitely am going back to Mac for some eyeshadows this weekend and I hope the guy that helped me today is there! On to the pics and my opinions....

So the Nars sheerglow I was excited to get, since I basically live on youtube and I love how it looks when I watch reviews. I was given the color Syracuse. On me, I hate it. It looks a bit ashy on my skin and It might be the color is off but even then, I dont like the coverage it gives me.

The prolongwear I only swatched a bit on my face and it seems to match. I am waiting to use it on a workday and see how I like it and how it holds up on my skin. Also the Oil Control Lotion feels nice on my skin, but I am waiting for a workday to see how well it works for me. I have a feeling I will be purchasing both tho.

I also purchased a skirt at Old Navy, which was a fail because it didnt fit lols but I got it on sale so I dont think I can return it. I guess this trip was a bit of a fail, I will be giving the skirt to my sister and returning for the purple palette I really liked.

This is the skirt.

Dont you hate when you head over to the mall and dont like anything, and the few things you get you end up regretting?? =[
Well guys, until my next post, ADIOS!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finally another post!!

Hey guys how have you all been? I have been neglecting my blog since I have been busy with work lately. But now I have a mini 5-day vacay so I will be posting more often. My days have basically been a blur. I cant believe its been 2 weeks since my last post. =[
I have just been working alot like I said and since I work so early in the morning I have not had time to come on here.

Went out for dinner with the family last sunday.... had fun and had my first mango Caipirosa, YUM!!

I do drink but Its mostly  Dominican Rum when we have family get togethers, or Wine which I love. (My brother-in-law is from Uruguay and has us hooked on the wine with dinner hehe) My signature drink is the Pina Colada, but that might be because as I said I don't really know much about drinks. Can anyone reccomend some drinks to try next time I hit the bar??

I am also excited because I finally got my drivers permit. I did'nt study and took it once to get it over with and the following week I went and passed! I'm excited to get my license and to jump into the driving world.

I have alot of errands to do before I go see my Honey in July. I've slowly been purchasing things for the honeymoon and just to wear on my vacay in general. Flights are super expensive now so I'm waiting it out and seeing if the prices go down.

I've really been into cooking lately.... made this for my pregnant sister the other night... It was YUM!!

I've also been fantasizing about some things I want to get makeupwise. What are your current picks??

Mac ProLongwear Foundation

Mac Face and Body foundation

Urban Decay Naked Palette (I know I'm late but I have so many eyeshadows, I still can't birng myself to buy this without getting rid of some of my shadows =[ )

Nars Laguna Bronzer (I dont know if this will show up on my skin?? )

Skindinavia Makeup Finish Spray

Mac Russian Red lipstick, although I dont like how red lipstick looks on me I am hoping this one will change my mind... Maybe somone can reccomend a drugstore dupe for this before I head out to MAC?

Sigma Travel Brush set, I need to build my brush collection ASAP!

So those are some things I am lusting after at this moment. I also can't wait for the summer to wear some of the cute dresses I have been purchasing lately. I finally found my shoes that I will wear with my wedding dress. I am so excited! I also purchased the fabric for my dress and I have the accesories which my mom gave to me (pearl jewlery, which I LOVE!) I just need to get the makeup ready and I will be set. OAN my honey has been so sick lately, and It sucks I can't be there for him. I have been a bit depressed about it lately but hey, I know getting sad wont help. Its just hard when you have found the love of your life but he's 1000+ miles away.... =[

Well until my next post guys, ADIOS!

P.S. sorry this was such a long post, but I had so much to write!!