Monday, April 25, 2011

Everyday Naturals Mini Haul

Well, I hope everyone had a fun Easter weekend. I spent it with family and ate lots of chocolate bunnies, hehe. So last week I was checking out a blog,  Life and Happiness  and I saw she had ordered samples from the Everyday Minerals site of their foundation, and only paid the shipping. Now I've had gotten a sample of the bare minerals foundation before and honestly I couldn't even see that I had any makeup on. But seeing that the Everyday Minerals was not as expensive and after checking out reviews on youtube I decided to give it a shot....So I decided to get the Try Me Kit in Mocha.

Try Me Free, in Mocha. $5.00 but when you checkout it comes up as $0.00

And what I got was 5 mini samples of colors that are in the Mocha family I guess you could say. Now I decided to go for the set with the Darkest colors just because Summer is almost here and I do tan alot in the Summertime... So here they are,

So I havent tried these out yet, and I would like to try them out for a couple of days before I review them but I will say that there are two of these that are closer to my skin tone. I'm excited for these and I look forward to using them over the next few days. Let me know what you guys think of these??

So of course I checked out a couple of the other things on the site. I needed a cuticle cream and they do have a cuticle butter so I decided to purchase one,

Lemon Symphony No.1 The Romance Of The Cuticle $4.00  .37 oz

First of all, I love the packaging. It came in a small pouch that I will probably reuse to store small acsesories when I travel. (I'm a total use and reuse fanatic!) As for the product itself it smells lemony and it really does hydrate my cuticles. (I gave myself a manicure today!)

Next I got their lip scub and this one smells alot like mint, which I LOVE!! I havent used it yet but I will also do a review on this in the future after I use it abit. I also love how it came in another small colorful pouch!!

Sumptuous Lip Polish $6.00  .60 oz  (Regular price is $7.00)

I love the smell of this!! I cant wait to use it.

Finally the have a Promo going on for the week where you enter Show Me as your promo code when you check out and they will send you a travel size green eyeshadow for Earth Day. The eyeshadow is called Show Me, hence the promo code. You do have to make a purchase of over $3.00 to recieve the free eyeshadow. Here it is,

It has gold sparkles that are very pretty. I think this will be nice now in the summer maybe on top of a Matte Green shadow. Or alone for a nice wash of color.

So all in all I am looking forward to trying out more things from this company. Some brushes, since the prices for them are reasonable and a few of the blush because I love blush!!

Here is a picture of everything,

It came like this

Are there any other products I should try out from Everyday Minerals??


  1. I love jacdami's blog she's so fab, as far as the everyday minerals I did not cathc it on her blog but from the looks of what you got this seems intersting. Great deal for samples too def have to check them out and see what other samples they offer. thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, I love her style!! It was a while back, I was just randomly checking older posts and saw it. I had seen it on youtube a few years ago but never thought to try it. I love a deal tho, and I cant wait to order their brushes. Thanks for commenting!