Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finally another post!!

Hey guys how have you all been? I have been neglecting my blog since I have been busy with work lately. But now I have a mini 5-day vacay so I will be posting more often. My days have basically been a blur. I cant believe its been 2 weeks since my last post. =[
I have just been working alot like I said and since I work so early in the morning I have not had time to come on here.

Went out for dinner with the family last sunday.... had fun and had my first mango Caipirosa, YUM!!

I do drink but Its mostly  Dominican Rum when we have family get togethers, or Wine which I love. (My brother-in-law is from Uruguay and has us hooked on the wine with dinner hehe) My signature drink is the Pina Colada, but that might be because as I said I don't really know much about drinks. Can anyone reccomend some drinks to try next time I hit the bar??

I am also excited because I finally got my drivers permit. I did'nt study and took it once to get it over with and the following week I went and passed! I'm excited to get my license and to jump into the driving world.

I have alot of errands to do before I go see my Honey in July. I've slowly been purchasing things for the honeymoon and just to wear on my vacay in general. Flights are super expensive now so I'm waiting it out and seeing if the prices go down.

I've really been into cooking lately.... made this for my pregnant sister the other night... It was YUM!!

I've also been fantasizing about some things I want to get makeupwise. What are your current picks??

Mac ProLongwear Foundation

Mac Face and Body foundation

Urban Decay Naked Palette (I know I'm late but I have so many eyeshadows, I still can't birng myself to buy this without getting rid of some of my shadows =[ )

Nars Laguna Bronzer (I dont know if this will show up on my skin?? )

Skindinavia Makeup Finish Spray

Mac Russian Red lipstick, although I dont like how red lipstick looks on me I am hoping this one will change my mind... Maybe somone can reccomend a drugstore dupe for this before I head out to MAC?

Sigma Travel Brush set, I need to build my brush collection ASAP!

So those are some things I am lusting after at this moment. I also can't wait for the summer to wear some of the cute dresses I have been purchasing lately. I finally found my shoes that I will wear with my wedding dress. I am so excited! I also purchased the fabric for my dress and I have the accesories which my mom gave to me (pearl jewlery, which I LOVE!) I just need to get the makeup ready and I will be set. OAN my honey has been so sick lately, and It sucks I can't be there for him. I have been a bit depressed about it lately but hey, I know getting sad wont help. Its just hard when you have found the love of your life but he's 1000+ miles away.... =[

Well until my next post guys, ADIOS!

P.S. sorry this was such a long post, but I had so much to write!!


  1. Great wish list! As for the red I really like the CG lipperfection in hot passion... I don't have russian red so I can't compare but I have swatches on my blog ;-)

  2. Thanks!! I will definitely check out that lipstick because I dont feel like paying more for lipstick I will only wear a few times a year lols.