Monday, March 28, 2011

Face Of The Day! (And mini Ootd)

Hey girlies, so today was a laid back day, I am on the hunt for a partime side job for the summer so I just went out to a couple places to ask and then went to an appointment with my sis to my nephews school. I wanted to do am OOTD but I was alone at home, and I suck at taking pix with the timer lols. Tomorrow I have so many things to do, the DMV to get my learners permit (I know, I am so late. Hey I was raised in NYC, I never drove! lols) but obviously now living in Jersey I need to stop procrastinating! Then I have a few appointments and I will probably go try on some wedding dresses just because I cant to have an idea of what styles flatter me most. Well here are some photos, I really need to save up for a new camera as well, my trusty old Sony is all scratched up. There are just so many things I want to do and get, one can only do so much!

Excuse my messy nails!

In direct daylight (I'm growing out my brows)

My inspiration board that needs to be redone, this was winter season....

Top - forever 21 last spring, came with a black belt but I use it with other outfits
Sweater - A store from NYC/NJ area, Rainbow
Jeans - Forever 21
Shoes - N.Y. and company
Ring - Forever 21 Last Spring
Earings - A gift like 5 years ago

Jergens lotion
Milk of magnesia
Revlon photoready 010 caramel
Mac msf natural dark in t zone
Black Radiance mosaic bronzer in 3511 summer shimmer on cheekbone and nose
Mac blush in sincere

Nyx jumbo pencil in yogurt
Crease and eyelid color WET N WILD trio walking on eggshells
Milani liquif ' eye eyeliner in black on water line
Lashblast and Rimmel Max Volume Flash mascaras (one coat each)

Maybelline colorsensational in Totally Toffee
Revlon colorburst lipgloss in Crystal Lilac

I love FOTD's and OOTD's! OAN, does anybody else use inspiration boards? What trends or looks will you be going for this summer??

Saturday, March 26, 2011



TopShop ruffle dress
$100 -

Sergio Rossi leather sandal
$760 -

Marc jacobs satchel
$625 -

Dorothy Perkins leather handbag
15 GBP -

Amrita Singh beaded bracelet
$100 -

B Ella couture jewelry
73 EUR -

Roberta Chiarella coral earring
$58 -

Monsoon bracelet
14 GBP -

Lazy Saturday Post

<3  Watching Movies

<3  Window shopping.... Online

<3  I can stay up as late as I want, No work on Sunday!!

This is going to be the viewv from my honeymoon!! Can't wait.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


I cant wait until the summertime comes! I think this year I will be more into floaty maxi dresses and wedges...

Summer! by makeuplover89 featuring alexander wang handbags

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Current Fav.'s....

Happy Wensday everyone =)
It's been a super rainy and icy day here in Northern New Jersey. I've spent most of the day on my laptop, since my apartment is still under construction. Hopefully tomorrow we have better weather so we can start painting and finish everything else. So I started thinking about what kind of blog posts I love to read the most, and I would have to say it's "My Current Favorite Products". So I decided to post my own products that I am using and loving right now.....

(Sorry in advance if this post is long)

Fragrance Fav.'s

1. Bath and Body Works perfume in Carried Away. This is a very light and fruity scent. In my opinion its cotton candy mixed with citrus scents. I have smelled a perfume kind of like this but I can't quite recall the name of this. Let me know if you guys have this and know what perfume I am talking about that smells alot like this one. I have a 4 of the Bath and Body Works perfumes and I am starting to become obsessed with collecting them. This is my ideal daytime perfume, especially now in the spring and summer months because of its light fruity smell. Only downside is that my sister is pregnant and cannot stand it when I wear this perfume lols. Other than that I love it!

2. Bath and Body works lotion in Twilight Woods. Again I am obsessed!! I love love love this lotion. It smells wonderful. The description in the back of the bottle is exactly what it smells like: enticing fruits and cypress. I put this lotion on as soon as I get out of the shower, just all over. I have had this bottle for 2 months and its almost gone. It's okay though, I purchased FOUR backups lols. I know, I'm crazy right? I love this so much, even my fiance loves it and honestly it has a very unisex scent to it, because one day he put it on along with his regular perfume and I was like WOW, what is that and it was this lotion. So I apply this with both my daytime perfume and my nighttime perfume and I get so many compliments. The scent lasts long, I counted 10 hours once, and I showered and you could still smell it a bit afterwards. I definitely recommend this lotion to everyone that asks what lotion from BABW's they should try.

3. Marc Jacobs Lola Perfume So this is my go-to nighttime perfume. It is a bit heavy but I love heavy perfumes and together with my BABW lotion in Twilight Woods, I find people everywhere I go going crazy trying to find out who's perfume they are smelling. (It's me!! lol) I think this scent is more for fall and winter tho because of its heaviness, so I need to find a new spring/summer nighttime scent. If I would have to describe this perfume it would be, pear with a bit of vanilla and I think a bit of musk. Definitely will repurchase.

Makeup Favorites

So starting from the top left:

Sinful Colors nail polish in Why Not - Love! I own alot of sinful colors and recently purchased this. I have it on my toes right now and Its the perfect bright spring blue. I will probably repurchase backups for the summer since I love to paint my nails almost everyday in the summertime. The lasting power with these is great, about 7 days with no base or top coat (I was in a rush lol) before I saw any chipping.

Revlon Color burst lip gloss in Crystal Lilac - I purchased this after seeing it on a couple of people on YouTube. The color is great with my skin tone, its not too sticky or too watery and I love the hint of minty scent it has.

Mac sheer tone blush in Sincere - This is my go-to blush when I don't know what to wear. Its the perfect pink for me with just a hint of coral. And since its sheer tone it's not super bright and loud.

Jane Colorless Staying Powder - Got this on clearance for like a dollar @ Walgreen's a while back and I love it. I go for more of a dewy foundation so this is perfect for applying just to my T-zone to avoid looking super greasy.

Mascaras - Cover girl Lash blast and Rimmel London MAX Volume Flash mascara - Love these two together. My lashes look fake!

Milani Eye Tech Liquid eyeliner - MeganHeartsMakeup from YouTube used this and I decided to try it since I sucked at using liquid eyeliner and this liner literally makes me look like I am a pro at applying liquid liner. Its so easy to do the winged eyeliner look with this!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind double face perfector in Medium - Again this makes you look like a pro at applying concealer. It cover my under eye circles, as well as blemishes and the highlighting part is great for the under eye. I only use both ends together if the foundation I am using is more on the matte side tho.

Mac Msf Natural in Dark - Great bronzer for me in the fall and winter and great all over powder in the summer.

Revlon Photo ready Foundation in 010 Caramel - great foundation! I have a review on this in an earlier post. Glad I decided to give it a shot.

Avon Smooth Velvet Lip Color in pink fluff - the perfect barbie pink for my skin tone!

Nyx jumbo pencil in yogurt - Great as a base for my eye shadows, but only on top of my primer potion. It creases like crazy on its own!

Nyx lip liner in Natural - I use this as an all over lip color or under my lipsticks when I have do nude lips.

Lancome Puodre Illuminatrice in Sun Shimmer - Love this as a highlighter on my cheekbones or for when I go out to parties I apply a bit on top of my blush for a bronzier look. Can't wait for the summer to use this when I am super tan.

Wet n wild blush in 834cHeather Silk - Really bright and pigmented but I love this.

Wet n wild eye palettes in silent treatment and walking on eggshells - Love these for everyday eyes!

Maybelline eyeshadow duo in brown tones - I use the lighter shade in this duo and my perfect highlight color or all over lid color when I do my dramatic winged liner.

Maybelline Lipstick in Totally Toffee - Perfect nude lipstick.

Mac eye shadows in Wood winked and Handwritten - My go to eye shadows, I love them. I think I will be using these for my wedding day makeup.

**Not pictured - Milk Of Magnesia - Perfect primer. I apply this with a cotton ball and just blot it on my Tzone and my makeup lasts for hours. Just by applying it I can see a huge difference with my pores and the amount of oil on my face.

I wanted to label these by number on the actual pic but couldn't figure out how to. This whole blogging thing is new for me, hopefully I pick up more skills as I go along. So anyways those are my favorite beauty picks, and until next post, ADIOS! <3

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wedding Stuff....

So, today I was off from work and I just basically spent it at home, they are doing some construction on my apartment so everythings a mess. I wanted to take some OOTD pictures but I didnt go anywhere and I'm just overwhelmed with the mess. I was shopping around yestarday at some fabrics stores for material for my wedding dress, but I didnt find any of the colors I want which is basically a ivory color. My mom will be making my dress since shes been making clothing since she was 15 years old, and I have gone shopping around but nothing looks as nice as what I have envisioned in my head. I am just tying the knot but I do still want to look nice on my big day. So anyways here are a few examples of what I want in a dress...

So I am still trying to decide if I want a long dress or short dress. Since I am a plus size girl I dont know which would look best. I want something flowy since we will be taking wedding photos at the beach (my fiance lives in the Dominican Republic so that's where I am getting married). I'm super excited for my big day tho, I cant wait! I need to start getting a move on things tho, like buying stuff for our honeymoon, sundresses, bathing suits, etc. I dont know why I always seem to leave things for the last minute  =(

I also need to start planning my sisters babyshower, which will be sometime in May/June. I got an invitation today for my best friend from high schools babyshower and It reminded me that my nephew will be here in 4months as well! I can't wait. Well TTFN (ta ta for now).....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Revlon Photoready....

Okay so, I recently decided to purchase this foundation, because as I mentioned in my first post I will be getting married soon and I will be doing my own makeup so I am trying to decide which foundation will be right the occasion. I watch alot of Youtube videos and after watching countless reviews I purchased one at my neighborhood Walgreens during their 40% off Revlon products sale.

Revlon's promise with this foundation, straight from their site,

Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup - for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft, luminous finish.

- Oil free
- Fragrance free
- SPF 20

So my first choice was 008 Golden Beige, and I was excited to get home and give it a test drive. The color was too light for me so 2 days later I went back and exchanged it for another color and after 10 minutes I decided to get 010 Caramel. I tried it as soon as I got home......

And I am in LOVEEE. I cant believe it took me so long to try this, and now I love it. The finish was exactly what I like, dewy, but not overly shiny. The sparkles, although noticeable at first, later disappeared after applying a bit of my Jane translucent powder. I also should mention I used Milk of Magnesia, blotted on lightly with a cotton pad, underneath my makeup. I still want to try a couple higher end brand foundations, starting with Mac's pro longwear since a friend reccommended it to me, but this is definitely my new found love for parties and other social events I may go to.

Me with the foundation on after 10 hours of partying....

Love the finish on my, not too matte but nice and dewy on my super oily skin

The color I choose the second time around, 010 caramel is my EXACT match which has never happened for me before with drugstore foundation.

Love the pump

Dont need alot of product to get coverage I want

Love the way I look in Pictures, even with the spf in it.

Lasted a good 10 hours, through my nephews 10th birthday party, sweating, dancing, organizing games for the kids, running back and forth.

Price is right! $8.49 a bottle for 1FL. Ounce

Hate that with drugstore foundation its hit and miss with guessing the right shade for you, wish they had samples but I found my shade so I will repurchase with no problem.

I think with this foundation you have to wear primer because of the sparkles, I think if you have oily skin and dont use a primer this will probably not work for you.

Final Verdict : I will repurchase this when It finishes. Now I understand the hype with this foundation in the makeup community. Good job Revlon!

Can't wait to try out more foundations!!

First Post....

Soooo I've finally decided to start a blog, just on random everyday life mixed with fashion/music/makeup/travel/wedding stuff/books/reviews etc.... I'm getting married in the summer so that will probably be the subject of alot of my posts. Just to write abit about myself, I just turned 22, I work, dominican. Like I said I am marrying the love of my life In July, nothing big just tying the knot and having a nice roadtrip style honeymoon. My fiance lives in the Dominican Republic so this blog will also be something to help keep my mind busy on those days I miss him most, even though I always miss him!! lols. Well here are a few pictures of my life and until my next blog post, ADIOS! <3

Salto del Limon, D.R.! Cant wait to see this on my Honeymoon!

La Romana, D.R. Feb. 2011 trip

Me Bored lols

                                                           Love hot pink lips <3

                                       March 20, 2011 my nephews birthday party, looking a mess @ 1 am lols

                                                                        <3 my Family

                                               Getting my sis ready, Pre wedding last year

                                                                      Almost done!

                                                      On our way, HUGE snowstorm!!

                                                               Mirror Shot!

Love Animal Print

                                                              Summer, Please hurry up!!

                                   Cousins sweet 16 makeup practice, yes those are her real lashes!!....

                                         My partners in crime!! My sis, My cousin, and I @ D.R. Summer 2010

                                                         My babe n I, Feb. 2011 @ D.R.

                                                                        <3 HIM!!