Monday, March 21, 2011

First Post....

Soooo I've finally decided to start a blog, just on random everyday life mixed with fashion/music/makeup/travel/wedding stuff/books/reviews etc.... I'm getting married in the summer so that will probably be the subject of alot of my posts. Just to write abit about myself, I just turned 22, I work, dominican. Like I said I am marrying the love of my life In July, nothing big just tying the knot and having a nice roadtrip style honeymoon. My fiance lives in the Dominican Republic so this blog will also be something to help keep my mind busy on those days I miss him most, even though I always miss him!! lols. Well here are a few pictures of my life and until my next blog post, ADIOS! <3

Salto del Limon, D.R.! Cant wait to see this on my Honeymoon!

La Romana, D.R. Feb. 2011 trip

Me Bored lols

                                                           Love hot pink lips <3

                                       March 20, 2011 my nephews birthday party, looking a mess @ 1 am lols

                                                                        <3 my Family

                                               Getting my sis ready, Pre wedding last year

                                                                      Almost done!

                                                      On our way, HUGE snowstorm!!

                                                               Mirror Shot!

Love Animal Print

                                                              Summer, Please hurry up!!

                                   Cousins sweet 16 makeup practice, yes those are her real lashes!!....

                                         My partners in crime!! My sis, My cousin, and I @ D.R. Summer 2010

                                                         My babe n I, Feb. 2011 @ D.R.

                                                                        <3 HIM!!

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