Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So Frustrated!

Hey guys. I am sooo frustrated right now because for the past week I have been trying to either comment on other peoples pages or upload pictures for posts and I have not been able to. =[
Whenever I try to comment it brings me to the sign in screen, so I sign in but then it makes me keep signing in over and over... ughhh. And then when I try to upload pictures it says something about being offline. I am so ANNOYED! Also if it try to follow another blog I am not able to, as it makes me do the sign in process over and over as well. Is anyone else having these issues? Well I hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day Weekend and until my next post, ADIOS!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Post Guys!

Hey guys! So I am the type of person that buys makeup compulsively. Like, its bad. I just got 3 orders in this week and now I am jotting down a list of things I still ''need''. He he. So I always get into one specific kind of product and I want to buy all the ones I see. For example right now I am obsessed with bronzer. I can't wait to head over to my drugstore try the Milani ones. I also really want Nars Laguna/Casino. Depends which one shows up more on my skin. I really want to try and find a drugstore dupe for the Nars Laguna but so far haven't been able to find anything on YouTube/Makeup alley.  =[

Do you guys have any dupes you use for the Nars Laguna Bronzer??

 I have a MAC MSFN IN Dark that I use as my bronzer since it is too dark for me for an all over powder.

So I am excited to do a post on the ELF order I just got. I purchased the ELF Studio Bronzer in Warm and I can't wait to use it. I am much happier than my first order! But I am still sick so I don't have the energy just yet to take pics, and etc...

So I know I need to get this shopping thing under control. I have a lot of things to save up for but It seems like I get sad because I miss my Fiance and then all of a sudden I start ordering things online. I think I do it online because I feel like since I'm not heading out to the store its not that bad, if that makes sense. =[

It sucks, but I am excited to see my honey soon!

Okay guys enough of my rambling! Take care! ADIOS!

My Summer Go To Makeup

I was SOOOOO beyond bored on Sunday. It was my day off, and we were going to have a Bar B Q today but the day way soooo dark and cloudy and cold! So everyone left to visit other family or shop and I was to lazy to get dressed so I filmed a video. So I am super sick right now but I didn't feel as bad when I was doing the video. It is basically me showing how I do my makeup in the warmer months. Please escuse my Wack editing skills! I have never done editing before so I went a little crazy! Haha
 Enjoy! <3

Super Sick!

Hey guys, so I have so many posts I want to do but I am SUPERRRR sick. My allergies have my eyes puffy and I cant breath out of my nose, only my mouth. OY! I am just dying! I got my ELF order in and I have a video I filmed. I also have some summer outfits posts I want to do, but I really look horrible right now. So until my next posts guys, I hope everyone is well. Have a great week!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prom Makeup!

Hey guys. I am super exhausted today, came home straight from work to do makeup for a friend that was going to her prom. She was wearing a silver dress and so I decided to go for a smokey eye but not too intense since it started at 6:30 pm, which meant it was still light out and second she does not wear makeup ever so I didn't want her to look unrecognizable. I will list the products I used below.

My sisters hand is in the picture fixing her curls.

As you all know my camera sucks so It didn't pick up the colors at all. Grrrr  = [

So I used the Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania in Black pearl and White pearl on her lids. I also used Jabberwocky from the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette in the crease. I used the Revlon Photo ready in Caramel mixed with Nars Sheer glow in Syracuse all over her face and Mac MSFN in Dark. On her lips I used a Nyx lip liner with a baby pink gloss from Avon. The blush was Nyx Mocha and on camera it looks washed out but up close it looked so pretty! There were a couple more products but I honestly am too tired to get up and double check my makeup kit, sorry. Ugh I wish I could afford to buy a nice camera, but for right now this one will do. =/

Tomorrow I am off so depending on the weather I will be doing a Summer Outfits post.

Damn you White Cast!

Peace, Love, and Lip gloss Hehe <3

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Elf coupon code I used!

Hey guys.So I went on Google and entered ELF Coupon Codes and this website came up that shows all the codes people use to order and save. I checked the coupon code to see if it would work for me and it did! Its for 50% off Studio Items. I saved 15 bucks! I got an email yestarday that some items I wanted were in stock so of course I took advantage and decided to order. I am so excited about the powder brush and the setting mist (Setting Mist not pictured below, I forgot sorry!) Of course I will dedicate a future post to my thoughts on them. I am hoping I actually do get them because ELF likes to say its available on the site but then when you get your order the invoice says "Out of stock" grrr. The only other things I think I want to try from them is the HD powder (maybe, lets see if I fall in love with the spf uva/uvb powder I ordered), and the kabuki brush. Lets cross our fingers I get my complete order! Well anyways here is the code I used :

For 50% off Studio Items enter code ecd21

It's on orders of $20 or more and the maximum discount is $50.00 dollars.

Happy shopping guys! Hope the code works for you!

Bonus picture of my Hunny Hehe. GOSH I MISS HIM!!!

Elf Order In the Mail!

Gloomy Weather, Gloomy Mood....

Hey guys. So its been a rainy couple of days and now theres a flood watch in the area of Jersey I live in, ughh. I'm so sick of this rain. My cousin has been visiting since Sunday and we havent even been able to go anywhere!

 I'm a bit excited because my sister just bought me a beat up lil car, so I am more motivated to get my liscense. I guess this car is just to learn with. And then I will be getting my dream car which I can't decide yet which one it is. I just know I want a SUV. Am so grateful to have sisters like mine! Speaking of motivation, I;ve been feeling sooo depressed lately. I need to get my life in order, and I want to start school so bad but I cant make up my mind as to what. =/

I loveee makeup but I am not confident enough to go to beauty school because I know it is super competitive. I dont want anything in the health industry. And that's what seems to have the most job openings. I just feel like I need a push, or some type of guidance so I can figure out what to do. Am just so confused!! Grr. It feels like I am never going to figure out what it is I want. My fiance is very supprtive and wants to see me in school, so I'm grateful for that. I just want to make my parents proud, and feel like I am doing something productive with my life. I always wished I was one of those people that grew up knowing what they wanted to do, and just did it. =/

I feel like I want to compose a list of things, goals. Maybe things I can do before 25?? Hmmm, I got lot'sa thinking to do!

What kinds of things did you guys do to help figure out what you wanted to do???

P.S.  I am doing makeup tomorrow for a friend that is going to prom. I will be posting pictures up!

A to Z, Get to know me!!

(Lol at corny titles Haha.)
So I just read this on one of the blogs I follow, http://krystlemethod.blogspot.com/ . I love her shoes!I thought it was really fun so I decided to do it :
Age: 22 Years old (Pisces!)

Bed Size: Full, when I finally get my place with my Hubby to Be, we both want a king size!!

Chore you Hate: Mopping the floors! =[
Dogs: None

Essential start of your day: Cafe Bustelo with sugar

Favorite Colour: Purple, Blue

Gold or Silver: Silver

Height: 5'5

Instruments I play: None

Job Title: Bookkeeper

Kids: None but I want a big family if we can afford it!! Maybe start in 5 years

Live: Northern New Jersey!

Mum's name: Rosa

Nickname: My family all calls me by my last name.

Pet Peeve: nails clicking! ughhhh ew!

Quote from a movie: "When I called you garbage, I meant you were garbage." Okay not a movie, but I LOVEEEE The Real Housewives of New Jersey!!!

Right or left handed:  Lefty

Siblings:  4  from my Moms side and 5 from my dads side lols.

Time you wake up:  3:30 Am When I work, 10ish when I dont

Underwear: Bikini Style

Vegetables you dislike: Eggplant yuck!!!

What makes you run late: I always leave everything for the last minute.  
X-rays you've had done: None =]

Yummy food you make: Chicken breasts with sauce, white rice and beans, maccaroni and tuna salad with fried sweet plantains and chocolate cake for dessert! lol!

Zoo animal: Leopard! Love anything leopard!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday Fun!

So we had a small dinner at my house, with some friends to just catch up. I decided to wear something I would be comfortable in :

So this is just some tights/top/and necklace from forever21 and the shoes are from last summer and I purchased them at a store called Easy Pickins here in the Tri-State area.

My 7 months preggo sis!! My true bestie!!
My sister and her son. He is the best Nephew an Auntie could ever ask for!

We actually made some typical Dominican food and it was a great day spent listening to music and laughing and joking remembering old times...

OAN :  You start remembering the old times and you can become nostalgic for what you once had. Old friendships are no longer that. Now they're just acquaintances.It really does make me sad. I guess people just grow apart and change which is not always bad. Its just life. I've never been the girl with a million friends, because I've been so burned and disappointed by the few people I have let in. I've come to think I never will learn the true meaning of having a REAL FRIEND, someone who is there for you 100% through ups and downs and just everything life throws at you. Someone you can confide in and know that everyone wont know your buissness. Someone that is genuinely happy for you and dosen't make things all about them. Someone I can call when I'm down and we can just go out and have girls night out and forget it all, even if just for that night. I've always had people that were one-sided friends. People that always had time for their problems but never for yours. People that judged my decisions and my mistakes, and even if trying to just give advice didn't do it in a way that was mean. Yep, now i remember why I decided to shut out supposed friends from my life..... I know, not everyone is the same. But I really do feel everyone that comes around me is, which is sad I admit it!

Anyways later on in the night I went with my brother, sister, my sisters bestie and her hubby to NYC to pick up my cousin that I haven't seen in 5 years! I was so excited to see her. Childhood memories of playing in the Dominican Republic in my grandma's yard and swimming in the Rio (river) in our backyard come rushing back to me! We had a lazy day today since the weather is super yucky! I'm not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. =[

Anyways, I hope you all had a great weekend, and a laid back Monday. Take care, and until my next post ADIOSSSSITO!!! <3

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hey guys!

So this is another mini haul. I'm dying my hair tomorrow and this is the one I use. It is inexpensive but for me, the color lasts about 3 months. It dosent damage my hair at all and it makes it shiny. I have tried other dyes but I always go back to this brand. I am dying it now more for my roots, to even out all of my hair color. Later on in the month I am dying my hair a bit lighter for the summer!

I got number 53 Light Auburn. My haircolor looks like this right now (I hate this picture!!) :

Its just a dark brown, so I am interested to see what color it ends up. I will post a picture after I dye it.

I got some eyebrow shavers since this is how I do my brows. I used to wax them but the lady messed them up last time so I have just been cleaning them myself.

Its about $2.49 for three. What I do is I wash my face, moisturize and them I clean the brows. Then I use a cotton ball with alcohol to clean the area and then I moisturize the again.

Finally I found these earrings for $1 so of course I got them in every color they had lols

I saw a girl wearing earrings like these and I really liked how they looked. I can't wait to wear them. =]

All items were purchased at my local beauty supple store and my total came to about 15 bucks, which is not bad! =]

I purchased some linen pants the other day but I need to cut them since they are a bit long and them I will do an outfit post with them. They look like these :

Mine don't have buttons or belt loops though. They are just pull on and a bit more wide legged. I cant wait to create an outfit with them. I have never owned pants in a bright color, but I am trying to mix up my style a bit. I might do a post with some summer outfits I am planning to wear soon..... Hmmmm

Well take care everyone. Adios!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Super short post!

So when me and my sister are bored, we do each others makeup Haha. So she never wears any color on the lid, so we decided to do a little color.

I did a purple look on the other lid but my camera's battery died =[
I do love how this color looked with her skin and I think now in the summer with a nice tan It will look great.

Do you guys like to play around with makeup??

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quick Post..

Hey guys. So today the day was spent shopping with my two sisters and mother for my sisters graduation outfit. After alot of walking around we finally found something my sister really liked. So I didn't get anything for myself since today was about my sister but she got me this ring because she knows I loveee accessories...

Its a really cute wooden ring, that's painted this greenish bluish color. I really liked it because I don't have any rings this color in my collection (I think? lol). And at $3.00 it was a great buy! I got it at this accessory store here in Jersey.

This nail polish is one from my AVON haul, in luxe lavender. I'm going to test them out and see how long the stay on. I fell in love with this color ever since I saw a picture of Klhoe Kardashian's nails (And ring!). It is definitely a color I will be rocking this summer!

Well until the next post, Adios!

(I apologize for the blurry pix!)

My wish list for the Summer!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So as much as I love anything Makeup/Beauty related, I also love fashion. I collect accessories and I have alot of things I just buy because they look nice even though I never wear them. So my mom is a LPN and she has a patient she cares for that has become like family to us. Shes a 76 year old lady that loves makeup and beauty and fashion. She cant walk but she is so sweet and caring and I enjoy going to visit her and talking about everything! So she had this beautiful Jewelry Drawer that she's had for like 15 years! She gave it to me this past Christmas and I was so excited to fill it up will all my stuff. I want to post pictures of it and show my entire collection but for now I will just be showing some of my favorite accessories.

This is where I store my accessories...

Some of my Necklaces/Chains

Hehehe that lollipop was one that my fiance gave me on our first date. I didn't eat it but I still saved it! (I'm so weird!! lols)

So as you can see there are three more drawers that I didn't show what was inside because they contain more accessories and makeup and they look a mess! lols.

This is my newest addition, my sister got it for me from Burlington Coat Factory.

I LOVE pearls! I own about 12 strands of pearls. My mom used to wear them when I was little and I loved piling them on.

These are fake pearl earrings from forever 21. These are the only types of studs I will wear.

My lucky fish!!

My favorite bracelet. My sister gave it to me and I was wearing it when I met my fiance... <3

Excuse my week old nail polish =/

These are some of my favorite accessories.... I shop alot at Forever21, but also at stores in the Tri-State area such as, Easy Pickins, Rainbow, One Touch, Oxygen etc... I have so many more accessories, but those I keep in plastic bins because I have them organized by Season/Color/Metal  Ha ha.

How about you guys? Are you into collecting accessories??

Avon Haulage!

So this is another haul. I purchased some things from the AVON Outlet book. My moms friend sells AVON so she's always showing me the books and honestly I can't resist anything that is Makeup/Beauty related, hehehe.

Nail Pro Nail polishes $1.99 ea.

I haven't used these but I will be reviewing these to see the staying power and how the colors apply in another post.

                                                            Magix Face Perfector $7.99

Okay so this I LOVE! I use this under my foundation and it stays on during a full workday under hot lights and running around doing errands. It comes out as a creamy texture and immediately makes your face matte and ready for foundation. I really like this and I will be purchasing backups.

                                          Color trend Cream Eyeshadow in Lemon Ice $1.25ea

I love this eyeshadow!! Its just a shimmery wash of color but it looks beautiful on the lid. I have only worn it alone with no eyeshadow on top, only my ELF eyeshadow primer underneath it. It stayed on my lids for more that 8 hours!! I will definitely try to purchase other colors, since this was from a clearance catalog, sometimes its too late. =[

                   Super shock Mascara in Midnight Blue $1.99 ea.
This mascara I hate! First off, I received a super dry one!! It stinks so much so I know its no good! The brush sucks as well, the bristles poke my eyes when applying it. And its not even blue, it shows up as black. Ughhh I have been searching for a bright blue mascara and I thought this might be it but no, it was a fail. =/

                 Plump Pout Lip gloss in Pink Nectar $1.99

I love this Lip Gloss, it is a pink with a peachy undertone and it looks beautiful on the lips. It feels cool when applied to the lips but honestly I haven't seen the Plumping effect. For me its okay because I own another one of these lip glosses and I like them for the color payoff, not the plumping. I like that they stay on the lips without having to reapply for up to 4 hours. I like the brush applicator and last I love the price! lol I have purchased both of them during clearance for $1.99. I have lip glosses that are more expensive and don't stay on for much.

So my total for this purchase was $20.00 bucks which I think is great. I really hated that mascara, and I've decided that as long as they don't discontinue my holy grail mascara which is Maybelline's Lash Blast, I wont be purchasing any other mascaras. I think AVON is great for anyone that needs makeup/beauty related items on a budget. What items do you guys like from AVON?

Finally another post!

Hello all!! =]

Finally I get to post again! I've been so overwhelmed with work lately. My coworker was on vacation so I had double workload for the past week, but today is finally my day off. So I received my Elf order last week and took a whole bunch of pictures since I knew I was going to be posting everything on here. I have some things I liked and some I didnt but nothing that I hated. I also received an Avon haul that I will be posting today as well. So here are the pictures of some of the products I have tried:

I received it in a small white box. The eyeshadow palette was on the bottom, and the other products on the top in the bag. I was disappointed that my stippling brush arrived outside of its packaging and the bristles were a bit bent up since some of the other products were kind of crushing it.

So I am in loveee with the blush brush, I think its the perfect size to apply blush and even bronzer. Now the stippling brush is great for blush as well, but in my opinion it is too flimsy for foundation. I have never owned a "skunk brush" as they call them and I don't really think much of them after using this one. 

The eyeshadow palette disappointed me a bit because a lot of the colors don't show up on my skin. Also it is a bit difficult to open. I purchased this thinking that I could use it for traveling, but the colors I actually like, don't have much pigmentation to them. Although as you can see here in the above photo, some of the colors do show up nicely. I think its an okay buy for those that like to play around with makeup just for fun, but don't want to waste more expensive makeup they might own.

Lipstick in Seductive and Lipgloss in Miami

One of the lipsticks I ordered did not even come I didn't notice it until I checked the invoice and noticed it was circled. They reimbursed me the $1 but I wish they would have sent me the Lipstick in Classy later on since it's the one I really wanted. The other one was Seductive, and I do like it. Its a kind of berry pinkish color and I think it looks nice with my skin tone. I also purchased the Lip gloss in Miami (Minty lip gloss). I love anything minty. I don't mind the after taste either which is a bit sweet/minty.

This is a picture of both lip products applied to my lips lightly. This combo is nice for work.

The top blush is in Glow, the bottom one in Flushed and I have to say for $1.00, I love these blushes! They are super pigmented and I love them together or applied individually. Glow is a peachy color with gold shimmer and flushed is a Matte pink color.

I will definitely purchase backups of these, and for the price, why not right! The only thing that is a bit of a con is that you have to be careful when opening it, and the product can go everywhere when you try to pick it up with the brush.

Next up the Bronzer in Matte bronze, which is another product I am in love with!

It is swatched in the photo, right above the blush in Glow. I have been searching for a dark matte bronzer and I am glad I have finally found it. It can appear a bit muddy so you have to have a light hand, and I'm not sure if it will work on lighter skin tones. This bronzer is for contouring my face.

Now I have to say after I tried UDPP, I never even tried searching for a cheaper eyeshadow primer. But I have fallen in love with this ELF mineral eyeshadow primer ($3.00)!! I am going to order a ton of them in my next order! I like that it dries quickly, it is a bit more watery so I can blend it easily before it dries. My eyeshadow pops just like with the UDPP, and it really does stay on. I am so glad I decided to try this before repurchasing my UDPP that had just finished. I really encourage anyone that is ordering from ELF to at least try this.

The shimmering facial whip in Golden Peach is another great product. A little really does go a long way with this and its beautiful when applied as an all over lid color, or for highlighting the cheekbone/bridge of nose.


And last but not least, the Mineral face primer. Now I have used this with my Everyday Minerals foundation for work. I have to say that I like this, but I don't love it.  I apologize since I did not get to take photos, but I think I don't want to comment too much on this product for now. I want to use it a bit more and then make a post just to review it.

Will Repurchase :

  Shimmering Facial Whip
  Blush Brush
  Mineral eyeshadow primer
  Radiance Blushes
  Elf Lipstick

Still not sure about :
  Mineral face primer

Everything is was okay but not something I would repurchase again.

I really wanted the flat top brush, for foundation but it was not in stock when I made my purchase. When they finally have it in stock I think I will order like 4 of them, because I have yet to read a negative review.