Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gloomy Weather, Gloomy Mood....

Hey guys. So its been a rainy couple of days and now theres a flood watch in the area of Jersey I live in, ughh. I'm so sick of this rain. My cousin has been visiting since Sunday and we havent even been able to go anywhere!

 I'm a bit excited because my sister just bought me a beat up lil car, so I am more motivated to get my liscense. I guess this car is just to learn with. And then I will be getting my dream car which I can't decide yet which one it is. I just know I want a SUV. Am so grateful to have sisters like mine! Speaking of motivation, I;ve been feeling sooo depressed lately. I need to get my life in order, and I want to start school so bad but I cant make up my mind as to what. =/

I loveee makeup but I am not confident enough to go to beauty school because I know it is super competitive. I dont want anything in the health industry. And that's what seems to have the most job openings. I just feel like I need a push, or some type of guidance so I can figure out what to do. Am just so confused!! Grr. It feels like I am never going to figure out what it is I want. My fiance is very supprtive and wants to see me in school, so I'm grateful for that. I just want to make my parents proud, and feel like I am doing something productive with my life. I always wished I was one of those people that grew up knowing what they wanted to do, and just did it. =/

I feel like I want to compose a list of things, goals. Maybe things I can do before 25?? Hmmm, I got lot'sa thinking to do!

What kinds of things did you guys do to help figure out what you wanted to do???

P.S.  I am doing makeup tomorrow for a friend that is going to prom. I will be posting pictures up!


  1. omg i'm so with you, this weather is making me so melancholy!

  2. Ughhh girl, thankfully today it was nicer out!