Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So as much as I love anything Makeup/Beauty related, I also love fashion. I collect accessories and I have alot of things I just buy because they look nice even though I never wear them. So my mom is a LPN and she has a patient she cares for that has become like family to us. Shes a 76 year old lady that loves makeup and beauty and fashion. She cant walk but she is so sweet and caring and I enjoy going to visit her and talking about everything! So she had this beautiful Jewelry Drawer that she's had for like 15 years! She gave it to me this past Christmas and I was so excited to fill it up will all my stuff. I want to post pictures of it and show my entire collection but for now I will just be showing some of my favorite accessories.

This is where I store my accessories...

Some of my Necklaces/Chains

Hehehe that lollipop was one that my fiance gave me on our first date. I didn't eat it but I still saved it! (I'm so weird!! lols)

So as you can see there are three more drawers that I didn't show what was inside because they contain more accessories and makeup and they look a mess! lols.

This is my newest addition, my sister got it for me from Burlington Coat Factory.

I LOVE pearls! I own about 12 strands of pearls. My mom used to wear them when I was little and I loved piling them on.

These are fake pearl earrings from forever 21. These are the only types of studs I will wear.

My lucky fish!!

My favorite bracelet. My sister gave it to me and I was wearing it when I met my fiance... <3

Excuse my week old nail polish =/

These are some of my favorite accessories.... I shop alot at Forever21, but also at stores in the Tri-State area such as, Easy Pickins, Rainbow, One Touch, Oxygen etc... I have so many more accessories, but those I keep in plastic bins because I have them organized by Season/Color/Metal  Ha ha.

How about you guys? Are you into collecting accessories??


  1. Nothing like a vintage jewelry box!!! I love it and your blog as well :)) thanks for checking out mine!


  2. Awww thank you so much!! I'm in love with your blog! I now have a list of products I want to get that you did looks with lols.

  3. I love how you store everything, i need to find something like this :)))

    Love Christine ♥

  4. Thank you for checking out my blog! I love it, it's much easier for me to pick out what I want to wear when I am getting dressed.