Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally another post!

Hello all!! =]

Finally I get to post again! I've been so overwhelmed with work lately. My coworker was on vacation so I had double workload for the past week, but today is finally my day off. So I received my Elf order last week and took a whole bunch of pictures since I knew I was going to be posting everything on here. I have some things I liked and some I didnt but nothing that I hated. I also received an Avon haul that I will be posting today as well. So here are the pictures of some of the products I have tried:

I received it in a small white box. The eyeshadow palette was on the bottom, and the other products on the top in the bag. I was disappointed that my stippling brush arrived outside of its packaging and the bristles were a bit bent up since some of the other products were kind of crushing it.

So I am in loveee with the blush brush, I think its the perfect size to apply blush and even bronzer. Now the stippling brush is great for blush as well, but in my opinion it is too flimsy for foundation. I have never owned a "skunk brush" as they call them and I don't really think much of them after using this one. 

The eyeshadow palette disappointed me a bit because a lot of the colors don't show up on my skin. Also it is a bit difficult to open. I purchased this thinking that I could use it for traveling, but the colors I actually like, don't have much pigmentation to them. Although as you can see here in the above photo, some of the colors do show up nicely. I think its an okay buy for those that like to play around with makeup just for fun, but don't want to waste more expensive makeup they might own.

Lipstick in Seductive and Lipgloss in Miami

One of the lipsticks I ordered did not even come I didn't notice it until I checked the invoice and noticed it was circled. They reimbursed me the $1 but I wish they would have sent me the Lipstick in Classy later on since it's the one I really wanted. The other one was Seductive, and I do like it. Its a kind of berry pinkish color and I think it looks nice with my skin tone. I also purchased the Lip gloss in Miami (Minty lip gloss). I love anything minty. I don't mind the after taste either which is a bit sweet/minty.

This is a picture of both lip products applied to my lips lightly. This combo is nice for work.

The top blush is in Glow, the bottom one in Flushed and I have to say for $1.00, I love these blushes! They are super pigmented and I love them together or applied individually. Glow is a peachy color with gold shimmer and flushed is a Matte pink color.

I will definitely purchase backups of these, and for the price, why not right! The only thing that is a bit of a con is that you have to be careful when opening it, and the product can go everywhere when you try to pick it up with the brush.

Next up the Bronzer in Matte bronze, which is another product I am in love with!

It is swatched in the photo, right above the blush in Glow. I have been searching for a dark matte bronzer and I am glad I have finally found it. It can appear a bit muddy so you have to have a light hand, and I'm not sure if it will work on lighter skin tones. This bronzer is for contouring my face.

Now I have to say after I tried UDPP, I never even tried searching for a cheaper eyeshadow primer. But I have fallen in love with this ELF mineral eyeshadow primer ($3.00)!! I am going to order a ton of them in my next order! I like that it dries quickly, it is a bit more watery so I can blend it easily before it dries. My eyeshadow pops just like with the UDPP, and it really does stay on. I am so glad I decided to try this before repurchasing my UDPP that had just finished. I really encourage anyone that is ordering from ELF to at least try this.

The shimmering facial whip in Golden Peach is another great product. A little really does go a long way with this and its beautiful when applied as an all over lid color, or for highlighting the cheekbone/bridge of nose.


And last but not least, the Mineral face primer. Now I have used this with my Everyday Minerals foundation for work. I have to say that I like this, but I don't love it.  I apologize since I did not get to take photos, but I think I don't want to comment too much on this product for now. I want to use it a bit more and then make a post just to review it.

Will Repurchase :

  Shimmering Facial Whip
  Blush Brush
  Mineral eyeshadow primer
  Radiance Blushes
  Elf Lipstick

Still not sure about :
  Mineral face primer

Everything is was okay but not something I would repurchase again.

I really wanted the flat top brush, for foundation but it was not in stock when I made my purchase. When they finally have it in stock I think I will order like 4 of them, because I have yet to read a negative review.

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