Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hey guys!

So this is another mini haul. I'm dying my hair tomorrow and this is the one I use. It is inexpensive but for me, the color lasts about 3 months. It dosent damage my hair at all and it makes it shiny. I have tried other dyes but I always go back to this brand. I am dying it now more for my roots, to even out all of my hair color. Later on in the month I am dying my hair a bit lighter for the summer!

I got number 53 Light Auburn. My haircolor looks like this right now (I hate this picture!!) :

Its just a dark brown, so I am interested to see what color it ends up. I will post a picture after I dye it.

I got some eyebrow shavers since this is how I do my brows. I used to wax them but the lady messed them up last time so I have just been cleaning them myself.

Its about $2.49 for three. What I do is I wash my face, moisturize and them I clean the brows. Then I use a cotton ball with alcohol to clean the area and then I moisturize the again.

Finally I found these earrings for $1 so of course I got them in every color they had lols

I saw a girl wearing earrings like these and I really liked how they looked. I can't wait to wear them. =]

All items were purchased at my local beauty supple store and my total came to about 15 bucks, which is not bad! =]

I purchased some linen pants the other day but I need to cut them since they are a bit long and them I will do an outfit post with them. They look like these :

Mine don't have buttons or belt loops though. They are just pull on and a bit more wide legged. I cant wait to create an outfit with them. I have never owned pants in a bright color, but I am trying to mix up my style a bit. I might do a post with some summer outfits I am planning to wear soon..... Hmmmm

Well take care everyone. Adios!!


  1. Ilove those eyebrow razors they help a lot. The earrings are fab too!

  2. Thank you for commenting! I love the earings with my crazy curly hair for the summer!

  3. Your hair looks great here...I'm also Dominican...Puerto Plata.


  4. Aww thank you! I'm growing my bangs out cuz in the summer with the humidity they get ridiculous!! lols. I am from San Fransisco de Macoris!