Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prom Makeup!

Hey guys. I am super exhausted today, came home straight from work to do makeup for a friend that was going to her prom. She was wearing a silver dress and so I decided to go for a smokey eye but not too intense since it started at 6:30 pm, which meant it was still light out and second she does not wear makeup ever so I didn't want her to look unrecognizable. I will list the products I used below.

My sisters hand is in the picture fixing her curls.

As you all know my camera sucks so It didn't pick up the colors at all. Grrrr  = [

So I used the Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania in Black pearl and White pearl on her lids. I also used Jabberwocky from the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette in the crease. I used the Revlon Photo ready in Caramel mixed with Nars Sheer glow in Syracuse all over her face and Mac MSFN in Dark. On her lips I used a Nyx lip liner with a baby pink gloss from Avon. The blush was Nyx Mocha and on camera it looks washed out but up close it looked so pretty! There were a couple more products but I honestly am too tired to get up and double check my makeup kit, sorry. Ugh I wish I could afford to buy a nice camera, but for right now this one will do. =/

Tomorrow I am off so depending on the weather I will be doing a Summer Outfits post.

Damn you White Cast!

Peace, Love, and Lip gloss Hehe <3


  1. I love this look,she looks like the actress Rosie Perez,very pretty

  2. Aww thank you, she does look like her now that you mention it! Haha =]

  3. she looks soooo beautiful!!! you did an amazing job! love the lip color to go w the smokey eye--perfection!!! oxoxox

  4. Aww thank you! I wish I had a better camera but for now I guess this one does the job, Hehe. I have to say I am addicted to your blog!

  5. Just saw this comment, you're so sweet, I love your blog as well, it's very genuine and informative, keep up the great work! to answer your q about LAsplash--I buy this brand in Duane Reade in NYC, but I'm not sure if other drugstores like walgreens/cvs carry it though. I know for a fact that you can also find it at Sally's Beauty Supply and Ulta.

  6. Oooo damn I miss Duane Reade now that I live in Jersey =[
    I only have Walgreens by me, but I will check Sallys next time. Thank you!