Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding!!

So, I was so excited to wake up today, since today was The Royal Wedding!! I recorded It and am watching It right now and Kate looks breathtakingly (is that how you spell it?? lol =]) beautiful!! I found out she did her own makeup and it looked great! My mom and I said last night that the dress would probably have some lace (which I love!) and most likely long sleeves (It was). I love the simplicity of the dress and makeup and hair. She is sooo lucky, a real life fairytale! (A normal girl becomes royalty!!).

1. I got teary eyed as she walked down the aisle.
2. I caught that moment Harry made a comment to William!! I wonder what he told him??
3. I missed that part where William tells Kate she looks beautiful.
4. I loved the part where they finally stood in front of everyone and had their first kiss as a married couple!! (soo sweet!!)
5. I love that you can really see the love between them! I loveeeed Princess Diana (my mom named me after her) and I think she would have been proud to see who he married today! I am sure her presence was there with them!!

(Used Google Images for Photo)

So I wish them the best of luck and happiness in their marriage. What did you guys think of the Royal Wedding, and Kate??

P.S. I received my Everyday Minerals base today!! Wow, that was fast!! I love that it has a lil plastic piece that you can move to allow you to pick up product with the brush and then move again to cover the holes so you wont have a messy jar. Oh, and It's .19oz/5.5g of product for $12.

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