Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shopping Day!

So it's been raining so much for the past couple days here in Jersey, and my sister, cousin and I were going crazy bored @ home lols so we headed over to the mall. I wanted to get some foundation samples because I wanted to try the pro longwear before I purchase it. Also Victorias Secret had sent me some gift cards so I wanted to use them before they expired. So one of the gift cards was for free undie and so I choose a purple one :

I love this color! Next I had a $10 off any purchase and so I decided to get something makeup related since its been a few weeks since I've purchased anything.

Sorry for the blurry pix, my camera is sadly giving its final breath. ( =[ ) So its an eyeshadow pallete and its small meaning it will be great for travel and will fit fine in my purse. They had two palettes, this one and a purple one and now that I got it home I wish I had gotten the purple one just because I feel like I have all these colors in my makeup collection which sucks because my sister said it when I picked it but I still got it. (Something about the bronzy colors that always gets me!! grrr) So I might just go back and get the purple one when I geta chance. This palette is $15 bucks and with my $10 off I paid $5 bucks which is a great deal!! I do like the colors and they are pigmented considering I have had bad luck with in the past with the victorias secret makeup. I am just annoyed that I liked the purple one but still choose this one lols. I like that its not bulky and I definitely see myself adding this to my travel makeup bag. I will play around with this sometime this week and when I get a chance I will post some pics up.

I went to Sephora and got a sample of the Nars sheerglow foundation, and also got a sample of the Pro Longwear at Mac. The guy at Mac was so nice and helpful. He matched me just by looking at me lol and I thought the foundation looked a bit orange but when applied it blends beautifully into my skin. He gave me a small sample of Oil Control Lotion when I told him about my oily skin problem. I had'nt gone to Mac in a while since the last time the other guy that helped me (I spent $300 bucks!) was so rude. He acted really annoyed and uninterested and didn't really talk to me. I didnt see him there this time and I was glad! I definitely am going back to Mac for some eyeshadows this weekend and I hope the guy that helped me today is there! On to the pics and my opinions....

So the Nars sheerglow I was excited to get, since I basically live on youtube and I love how it looks when I watch reviews. I was given the color Syracuse. On me, I hate it. It looks a bit ashy on my skin and It might be the color is off but even then, I dont like the coverage it gives me.

The prolongwear I only swatched a bit on my face and it seems to match. I am waiting to use it on a workday and see how I like it and how it holds up on my skin. Also the Oil Control Lotion feels nice on my skin, but I am waiting for a workday to see how well it works for me. I have a feeling I will be purchasing both tho.

I also purchased a skirt at Old Navy, which was a fail because it didnt fit lols but I got it on sale so I dont think I can return it. I guess this trip was a bit of a fail, I will be giving the skirt to my sister and returning for the purple palette I really liked.

This is the skirt.

Dont you hate when you head over to the mall and dont like anything, and the few things you get you end up regretting?? =[
Well guys, until my next post, ADIOS!


  1. I got the prolongwear concealer and truly love it. I'm not much of a foundation person but since my skin started acting up with my beloved tinted moisturizers I've had to try l'oreal's foundation with moisturizers and so far so good.

    I'm starting low with foundations but I've been hearing a lot of great stuff about longwear so may have to give it a try.

    Great buy on that palette too, love it. Ineed tohit up the mall this rain is too much!

  2. Ooo well I use a maybelline concealor and I love it! But I will probably pick up the pro longwear concealor when I go as well. I also always used tinted moisterizer but when I start trying out things, in this case foundations, I want to try them all!! lol. I'm so sick of the weather! It was great on Monday and then went back to being blah...