Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Walgreens Haul / Randomness!

Hey guys. So I was at Walgreen the other day. My sister wanted to get out the house (she's having a baby at the end of the month!! =] ). I ended up purchasing some things I found on sale. I finally got my hands on some Wet n Wild Lipsticks as well as one by Black Radiance. The Wet n Wild ones I got were, a bright pink one and a bright red one

$ 1.64 for Wet n Wild each
$ 2.00 for Black Radiance

Pink One : 905d  Loveee this color. Super bright, it reminds me of the bright inside of a Watermelon ha ha. I can't wait to get a tan and pair this with some bronze shimmer on the face and wild curly hair! A bit of a Matte finish. I wish I new the name of this particular line of lipstick, sorry guys =(

Red One : 910 D  Again, I love it!! This will be perfect for those Summer nights when I go out dancing or even my honey! Cant wait! Again Matte finish.

Black Radiance lipstick in 5004 :  Fuchsia pink. This one is a bit sheer, but build able to the point were its super bright. Has a sheen to it.

From L to R : Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Red Delicious, Wet N Wild Pink, Wet N Wild Red
Bottom : Black Radiance Lipstick

I saw the display for the Sally Hansen Crackle but at $8.00 a pop I decided I probably wouldn't use it anyways since the only colors I really paint on my nails in the summer is pink. (All shades!) I purchased OASIS from Sinful Colors and I have to say I am in love!! Its a bright pink, with a pearlecent sheen to it. I gave myself a Mani-Pedi today and I used this polish. Its a hot pink and is a bit sheer at first but nothing that 3 coats can't fix! This polish isn't super thick in consistency so I was able do this with no problem!

Sinful Colors in OASIS $1.99 (I have a huge S.C. collection!)

Excuse my messy application.

Last I really wanted to try something other than makeup, since every time I purchase something lately, its been makeup. So I got a face cream. Its by a company called Andes Nature and it was only $5 bucks. Its an Antioxidant cream and it claims to be a firming. It is made with Cabernet which I think is Grape. Now I haven't used it long enough to know about the firming, but I love the scent, it smells like grape but not super strong or fruity. And its the type of cream that is cold so in the warmer months its refreshing. It hasn't broken me out or made me oily which I love!!! Best $5 bucks ever!

 Blended out, its super moisturizing

One of my sisters clients knows I love the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss so she was nice enough to remember me when she went to the mall and got me one. Its in Red Delicious and smells just like apples. It looks like a pinker red in the tube but is clear on the lips with a slight pink tint. I love her, she's so nice!

So Today I spent 3 hours driving around with my sister practicing. My driving test is in a month exactly and I am so nervous/scared/anxious but excited. I still need to get the hang of parking. It will be sooo much easier to get my second job if I drive. My sister already gave me a car as well. Its not fancy or new but it was a gift so I can learn to drive in it, and when I have more experience I can think about getting a new car. My car is a little red Dodge Neon. I've been searching all day for some cute car seats covers, and steering wheel covers. I definitely want to add my girly touch to the car ha ha!

Let me know if you guys know the name to the Wet n Wild lipstick. I ripped the plastic and didn't bother to check =(

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