Monday, June 6, 2011

First Asado of 2011

(Asado is Bar B Q in Spanish)

So yesterday which was Sunday some of my family decided to go up to Garret Mountain to have our first family outing now that the weather is nicer. So it was a bit chilly when we got there but after some wine and some dancing (yeah, leave it to us Dominicans dancing anywhere lols) the sun finally came out and it got warmer. So I definitely ate TOO MUCH but I had too much fun. A lot of laughs. Here are some pictures:

Please excuse my looking a mess! I had on a cute top under that hoodie, I promise!!!

 These speakers are insanely loud!!

My niece the diva!

So I have been hauling a bit and I miss posting on here. I guess I just got frustrated after having problems with leaving comments and posting on blogger so I started neglecting the blog. I promise I'm back though!! I downloaded Mozilla/FireFox and things are A.O.K.!! =]

Kisses! <3

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