Friday, July 29, 2011

A little help from my followers!

Hey guys so I was hoping you could help me choose an outfit for me to leave next week. I am leaving next Friday morning to the Dominican Republic to be with my hunny. Its a 3 hour 45 min. flight but its always super cold on the plane. My Hubby told me its like really hot over there right now but I want to look nice for him as well as cool. I love animal print so I fell in love with the maxi dress. Both these looks I created are exact replicas of the outfits I actually have. Not the same brands but its just so you would get an idea. Please help me choose! Look number one or look number two? 
Travel Outfit Number One

Travel Outfit Number One by makeuplover89 featuring hook earrings

# 2


So there you have it guys. These are the outfits that I choose. One more flirty and girly, the other laid back and chill. Let me know what you guys think and any other suggestions you might have. Well guys take care. ADIOS!


  1. Love the first look! Hope you have a great time :)