Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey guys. So today I went out to the mall to get some items that I need for my trip. I am leaving next Friday to go spend a month with my hunny in Dominican Republic. I cant wait to go! So I really only needed some flip flops, and I love Old Navy flip flops. They only had Pink, orange, green , yellow and white ones left, so I choose a orange one and a yellow one. The orange is super bright and the yellow is more toned down. I paid $2.00 for each one that I got. Of course I am always looking for for anything that says clearance so of course I gravitated to the clearance racks. I scored two new jeans, one for $3.97 and the other for $4.97! All together now, YAHOO!! lols

 Next I found 2 sweaters for the winter time. A purplish-pink (is that a word??)  and a over sized yellow one that will be perfect with leggings and uggs. The purple one is 0.47 cents and the yellow one was $1.47. More please! =]


Then I got a regular tank, white and olive green stripes for $1.97.

 Then I got a minty green tank top. I paid $3.97. I love how this color looks on me with my tan.

I scored this top for $4 bucks. I will probably wear it to go meet my father-in-law.

I got two V-neck shirts for my hunny since his birthday is tomorrow. A white one and a pale yellow one. I will probably be getting him some new sneakers to go with the shirts.

And finally I got brown thong sandals to wear with my dress when I leave to Dominican Republic.

Here is a photo of the dress. I will be wearing it with a black cardigan and the flip flops. It is a maxi dress. I might belt it, not sure yet. I love the print (dress from a boutique around my way. animal print? yes please!).

So the final price on my receipt was $39.78. I love getting a lot of things for cheap! Check out your Old Navy's clearance rack. You never know what you might find. Okay guys until my next post, ADIOSITO!

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