Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blogs By Latinas

Hey guys. So I was surfing the web as usual looking for new blogs to follow since I really enjoy reading blogs and just reading in general. I came across the page "". A while back I had submitted my Blog to see if it would be posted on the page. I wanted to become part of it because I think the concept is great. I guess the creator of the site was searching for any blogs written by other Latinas and her search didn't produce many results. So she created Blogs by Latina's so we could all have a place to discover new Blogs written just by Latina's!

Okay back on topic, so I was super surprised when the page came up and my blog page was on there! I am excited, I didn't think my Blog would be accepted since its so new. I can't wait to discover new Blogs by other Latina's and to make new friends!

I was reading another Blog that talked about having Internet friends and how this day in age its not as weird as people might have thought it was. I have met a lot of people online that have become wonderful friends to me. Who have been there for me when I needed someone to lean on, so I am all for making friends online. My family did think it was a little weird at first and they do ask me, wait is this a Internet friend or regular one. It did irritate me at first but hey, I figured it shouldn't bother me that much.

So I hope any fellow Latina's that are reading my Blog go ahead and submit your blog to this website. Like I said it is a great way to meet discover new Blogs and also for others to discover your own Blog. The site is Blogsbylatinas . On it you can search for Blogs by State and Category. I look forward to checking out food Blogs and learning new recipes as well as Beauty Blogs.

On another note, my sister gave birth on Wensday and yesterday I met my new nephew. His name is Emanuel and he is just the tiniest, cutest, baby ever!! I was so scared since he is so little I was afraid to carry him. :(
But I will be picking up my sister from the hospital in a few so I will get to carry him and stare at him and his cuteness even more lol. Well guys I hope you have a wonderful day today. Take care and ADIOS! <3

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